Project Type: Website redesign, brand guidelines, communication strategies, event and PR management.

When I first started working with ThePowerHouse, it had another company within its umbrella called ElektroCouture, but both brand names shared the same website address. We started the rebranding process for ThePowerHouse and ElektroCouture to separate the two intertwined companies and to create some distance between them.  

These updates included a new logo for TPH, new brand guidelines, and communication strategies. My work here encompassed PR, branding, copywriting, designing, coding and the handling of our social media accounts. 

During this time I also wrote The Future Fashion & Mobility Trend Report which was a look at how mobility propelled fashion changes in the past and a deep-dive of how technology will drive additional changes in the future. 

During this time, the Founder & CEO, Lisa Lang, was awarded as one of Forbes Europe's Top 50 Women in Tech due to my outreach and support.



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