The Drivery

The Drivery

Project Type: Content Strategy, Website Redesign, Basic SEO Implementation

This project started with developing a content strategy for a new coworking space in Berlin. While this mobility-focused community speaks all-things nerd and Back to the Future, it's content lacked the personality of its team. By creating a stronger brand voice, you can feel The Drivery's personality start to embrace its character.

After the development of content and updates to its brand guidelines, we designed and developed their new website.

Homepage Before

Screenshot-2020-3-25 The Drivery – The Future of Mobility

Homepage After

Screenshot-2021-12-13 The Drivery Community and Marketplace for Mobility Innovators


Content Samples from The Drivery Project

"The Maker Garage is the playing field for mobility with eight separate hardware studios that are designed to accelerate ideas in real-time. Each hardware studio features 6 x 6 m2 of workshop space on the ground level and 30 m2 of office space directly above — allowing makers to iterate and innovate quickly.

If you are thinking Back To The Future meets present-day tech, then you’re on the right track. The Maker Garage has all one needs to go full-on Doc Brown and Marty McFly including a 3D-Printer, lathe, 4-axis mill, and TIG/MIG/MAG welding equipment, and specialized tools such as multi-channel oscilloscopes, laboratory power sources, and function generators.

Unlike a floppy disk in need of a hard drive, we won’t leave you stranded. The Drivery team will help you utilize the cutting-edge equipment and tools to speed up development."

"The EA-Lorean
In our Maker Garages, you'll find the one-of-a-kind and iconic, yet futuristic and autonomous, vehicle called the EA-Lorean. This beast is taking the best of the yesteryears and applying modern-day technology to create something rare.
What to join in the fun? Learn how you can join the EA-Lorean Builders Meetup Group or sponsor it."

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